doTERRA International

doTERRA International is usually referred to be the singular name “doTERRA”.

doTERRA® is a network marketing company that primarily distributes essential oils and derivative products. The majority of doTERRA’s product lines are oils applied directly to the body or put in a diffuser.

doTERRA oil diffusers circulates an oil’s pleasant aroma throughout a room.

Additionally, doTERRA provides a small assortment of beauty supplies and health supplements.

Compensation Plan

doTerra’s main compensation focus is unilevel plan where leaders breakaway after achieving certain amounts of volume. There are other ways to be compensated such a retail and quick start bonuses as well.
Leadership Advancement
Beginners to doTerra start as a Wellness Advocates and advance as far as a Double Presidential Diamond.

Advancement is mostly tied to the volume of one’s downline as well as the leadership ranks achieved by personally sponsored wellness Advocates.

Joining doTERRA

New Wellness Advocates receive a membership in doTERRA enrollment fee of $35. This will give a 25% discount on products and if the new member joins an autoship program they can participate various commission levels.

Recurring Commitment

Various ranks require different personal volume amounts. doTerra encourages Wellness Advocates to have a 100 PV autoship setup.

Disclaimer on InFirstMarketing’s doTERRA Report

InFirst Marketing provides this information as resource to those investigating the opportunity provided by doTerra. Any claim here should be confirmed with official declarations from doTerra.

doTERRA is a registered trademark of doTERRA International
dōTERRA is a registered trademark of doTERRA International