Rodan & Fields, LLC

Official Name: Rodan & Fields, LLC
Common Names: Rodan + Fields, R+F, or Rodan Fields
Products: Skin Care, Cosmetics
Primary Compensation: Unilevel Breakaway
Head Quarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Markets: Australia, Canada, USA

Rodan + Fields provides world renowned skin-care products along with a business opportunity as a product consultant.

Testimonials are easy to come by for Rodan + Fields products. The internet is flooded with legitimate before and after pictures. It is common on social media for others to inquire about what products a person in the picture are using — results are often extremely noticeable.

Flagship products of Rodan + Fields include:

  • Redefine: A regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing one’s face for more youthful looking skin.
  • Reverse: Which focuses on brightening dull skin and making dark spots lighter
  • Unblemish: Controls existing acne and prevents new acne from occurring
  • Soothe: Calms sensitive skin

Along with providing proven products, Rodan + Fields compensates Consultants with programs that are common in the direct marketing industry.

  • Retail Profit
  • Consultant Commissions
  • Commissions on Consultant Generations

An article on compensation and advancement within Rodan + Fields will be posted soon.



Read our full report about Rodan+Fields Compensation here.  It is a simple Unilevel Compensation plan.

Rodan & Fields Disclaimer

Rodan + Fields is one of many business opportunities within the Direct Selling industry. If you’re someone who enjoys high quality beauty products and is comfortable discussing products with others, Rodan + Fields may be a great opportunity for you.

As always results may vary for different consultants.