Young Living Essential Oils

Company Summary
Official Name: Young Living Essential Oils, LC
Common Names: Young Living(r)
Products: Essential Oils
Primary Compensation: Unilevel with Generation Breakaway
Head Quarters: Lehi, Utah, USA
Markets: International

Young Living was established in 1994 with a mission to enrich the world’s homes with essential oils. Young Living’s product portfolio consists mainly of pure essential oils and essential oil based products. A few beauty products under the Savvy Minerals brand are offered as well.

Young Living Compensation
The main compensation plan architecture is unilevel compensation with generation breakaways. You can learn more in our article about Young Living’s Compensation Plan.

Leadership Advancement

Young Living suggests focusing on a different areas depending on where you are in your business: Creating a Foundation, Building a Business, & Becoming a Leader.

InFirst Marketing always recommends focusing on the end result. These steps are important, but everyday focus on becoming a better leader.

Joining Young Living

Starter kits range from about $45 to $300, with different products and support included.

Recurring Commitment

In order to maximize rewards each month a distributor should anticipate buying about $100 per month of Young Living products. The focus will actually be on a personal volume of 100. Products have varying amount of personal volume.

Disclaimer on InFirstMarketing’s Young Living Report

InFirtsMarketing provides this information as resource to those investigating the opportunity provided by Young Living Essential Oils, LC. Any claim here should be confirmed with official declarations from Young Living. To better understand the risks and rewards of this opportunity, InFirst Marketing recommends analyzing the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement.

Young Living is a registered trademark of Young Living Essential Oils, LC

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