Motivation Monday: Habits over Willpower

Scale Mountains with Habits
You'll scale more mountains with habits than with Will Power

You will scale more mountains with habits than with willpower.

What’s easier, being miserable when eating healthy, and not having to think about eating healthy and just doing it naturally?

Willpower should be conserved for two uses:

  • Establishing Habits
  • Getting the last little extra effort out of yourself to improve or achieve a goal.

So how do you apply this?

The first little bit of working, make it about getting to like what you’re doing. If it’s the gym, only go for short time the first month. Or if you’re just not feeling it, let yourself leave. Some would say this is terrible advice but if it keeps you going to a whole year instead of a month — seems like successful life engagement to us.

If you don’t want to follow up with prospects, think about whey you’re not looking forward to it and make it different. Call to have a conversation or do what you need to make sure you’re frame of mind is about helping them. If you can flip this mind set, every moment you’re working, you’re actually playing.

It doesn’t take a lot of willpower to play

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