Mirroring in Conversations

Rear view Mirror
Mirrors let you see both directions - even in conversation.

As you try to build your Network Marketing Business, you’ll frequently need to overcome concerns of potential distributors.

You can’t do this if you don’t understand what the concern is.

Making this even more difficult is that the person your speaking with may not want to actually admit what the concern is. They may be embarrassed, or guarded, or just not comfortable with communication.

There are many tools for empathic listening that help those you’re conversing with feel safe, but one of our favorites is Mirroring.

What is Mirroring?

So Simple!


Mirroring is repeating what the person just said — and you want it practically verbatim for last few words. The last 3 words are best, but choose the words that make sense.

If a prospect says, “I’m nervous I can’t sell it.”

You repeat “Can’t sell it.”

Voice it in whatever tone you think appropriate, but it is often better to say it as a statement instead of a question.

The goal is to get the to expand. In this example, you will learn if they are worried about their skill set, if they have concerns about the product, or if they are worried about having time. So many different directions this can go and you’re getting to the potential distributor’s concerns instead of creating new ones.

How Mirroring Works

Mirroring works a couple different ways.

First is shows those you are leading that you are alike. Mirroring reinforces that you think the same.

Second, it helps someone you’re trying to lead to connect on an emotional level. It helps them to know they are seen and you care about what they’re feeling.

What Minoring is not

Mirroring IS NOT summarizing what someone is saying in you own words. While is it important to synthesize, if you’re only using your words, you’re missing out on words that are emotionally charged for the speaker.

A bad example of mirroring would hearing “I woke up feeling great after taking the vitamins” and then responding with “The supplements made you feel good?”

That response removes just a bit of the excitement and feeling.

How has mirroring worked for you? Do you have any questions about mirroring?

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