Isagenix Compensation Plan


At InFirstMarketing, we always encourage focusing on the the main area. We certain parts of the compensation plan that have the potential for the most growth and building compensation long term. 1 time bonuses don’t make it in the main section.

Team Bonuses

The Team Bonus is based upon a Binary Compensation plan, but instead of looking at monthly volume, it is calculated daily and paid weekly. Consultants and higher ranks can have up to 250 Team Bonus cycles per week.

Each time a Team Bonus cycles, there is about a $54 bonus.

A cycle is completed when 1 leg in the team earns 600 Business Volume and the other side earns 300 BV. It’s important to not that these are separate. You’re not looking for 900 BV total, instead the specific increments of 600 & 300.

Once the Team Bonus cycles, 600 & 300 BV are removed respectively the team attempts to cycle again.


Retail Profits

The associate makes this profit by buying at wholesale and selling at retail. The customers are not dealing directly with Isagenix, but purchasing form the Associate.

Since the associate is ordering directly, this is considered Personal Volume.

Retail Direct Profits

Customers are setup to order directly from Isagenix via the Associate’s personal site. This is similar to the Retail Profits (retail minus wholesale), but there is also an administration fee.

Volume is considered Personal Volume, but if PV exceeds 100 for the month, the rest will be credited to the BV of the team with the smaller amount.

Business Launch

Rank Advancement / Maybe Crystal Bonus

Isagenix doesn’t actually list this as a program in their compensation plan– it is just a sentence or 2 in explanations about ranks. We felt the concept matched the industry definition of a rank advancement bonus so still wanted to list them here.

  • $250 bonus for reaching Manager within 60 days of becoming an associate. Note you also get another rank known as a Crystal Manager.
  • $750 bonus for reaching Director in 120 days and also become a Crystal Director.
  • $1,000 bonus for reaching Executive in 180 days. Achieve Crystal Executive rank.

All these day ranges start on the day someone becomes an Associate.

Product Introduction Bonuses

On a new Member’s initial order, this bonus can is earned by sharing qualified Systems or Product Paks.

Business Leadership

Executive Team Matching Bonuses

Calculated Daily
Paid Weekly

For qualified Executives, there is a 10% bonus for the Team Bonuses earned by personally enrolled Associates.

Each week, the bonus can be earned 25 times per personally enrolled Associate, and 250 total times.

Leadership Pools

Isagenix lists different Directer, Leadership & Escrow pools but does not publish how they work outside of Back Office.

These seem like a nice bonus, but with the lack of info, we don’t recommend focusing too heavily on the pools.



The IsaBody Challenge provides product rewards as become more healthy during you journey with Isagenix.


With only 5 ranks to focus on and a few parts to hte compensation plan, Isagenix keeps the business side simple. InFirstMarketing always supports a simple mentality.

With Isagenix’s straight forward compensation plan, it is important to remember that all Associates pursuing a Isagenix based business are going to have different results. InFirstMarketing does not guarantee results and encourage all who are evaluating an Isagenix business to do excessive due diligence.

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