InFirst Marketing http://localhost Network Marketing Magazine Thu, 28 Nov 2019 07:58:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 A very Happy Thanksgiving to You! /happy-thanksgiving-to-you/ /happy-thanksgiving-to-you/#respond Thu, 28 Nov 2019 07:58:09 +0000 /?p=111 [...]]]> As we move into this time to celebrate with loved ones, wants to wish a Happy Thanksgiving and express our gratitude to you for making this adventure possible.

We’ve spent Thanksgiving in many different parts of the USA and World. We’ve had chicken in Japan, fried turkeys in the southern states. We’ve had buffets in Las Vegas and gobbled down meals to be able to get back to the beach in Hawaii. Some have even enjoyed Thanksgiving in October in Canada. We’ve seen snow, sun, desert, palm trees — in short, we’ve seen a lot of Thanksgivings in a lot of places.

And we are always grateful to have family and friends join us in Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving celebrations are fluid right now. We hope everyone finds reason to be grateful but also the will to make the world better for those they love and care about.

~The In First Marketers

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Snowy Day before Thanksgiving! /snowy-day-before-thanksgiving/ /snowy-day-before-thanksgiving/#respond Wed, 27 Nov 2019 19:00:45 +0000 /?p=107 [...]]]> Well it’s a snowy day here at!

No reason not to work hard though. We’ve got holidays coming up and we’ll do some resting then.

No matter the weather, be safe out there!

~The InFirstMarketing Team

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doTERRA Wellness Focus at Latest Conference /doterra-wellness-focus-conference/ /doterra-wellness-focus-conference/#respond Wed, 16 Oct 2019 02:19:14 +0000 [...]]]> At doTERRA’s annual global convention, doTERRA announced 14 new products focused on wellness– especially ingredients that help with calming.

A subset of products introduced include

  • Rose Essential Oil
  • ADAPTIV™ Calming Blend
  • ADAPTIV™ Touch Calming Blend
  • ADAPTIV™ Calming Blend Capsules

doTERRA continues to focus on pure essential oils.

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Binary Compensation Plans /binary-compensation-plans/ /binary-compensation-plans/#respond Wed, 16 Oct 2019 01:26:46 +0000 [...]]]> A distributor focuses on getting 2 front line distributors- a left distributor and a right distributor. Later recruits are placed in the front line of other distributors. This is the definition of a binary compensation plan.

Binary means 2. It is commonly used when referring to computer memory meaning: on & off or 0 & 1. In a compensation plan, it is easiest to understand as right and left.

Commissions paid are based on volumes in the legs, but it can vary as to which leg will drive the commissions. There are examples of commissions being calculated on the leg with less volume (weak leg), or dividing up between the weak and strong legs.

Weak Leg

In Binary Compensation plan, the weak leg is the leg with a smaller amount of volume.

Strong Leg

In a Binary Compensation plan, strong has the great volume.

Since the weak leg will drive a greater amount of compensation, this is where new recruits will often be placed by a distributor. Usually, distributors will work to grow the weaker leg, but this depends specifically on how compensation is calculated.

Spillover in Binary Compensation plans can drive lot of growth for downline distributor’s very quickly, but dries up if a distributor is not in the leg the upline is trying to balance.

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Zija Compensation Plan /zija-compensation-plan/ /zija-compensation-plan/#respond Fri, 11 Oct 2019 15:22:13 +0000 [...]]]> MAIN Focus

The main compensation plan to focus on for Zija is the Team Commissions–which calls it the backbone of Zija’s compensation plan.

Zija’s Team Compensations are a binary compensation plan.

It is important to know that Zija pays team commissions weekly.


It is not uncommon for others to want to purchases Zija products directly from you (Zija Customers).

If you have purchased the products at a whole sale price directly form Zija, the amount of retail profit you’ll make is the wholesale price you paid subtracted from the amount you sold the product for. You can set this for sale price (and profit margin)– Zija targets up to 20% for retail be to exceed wholesale price.

Zija pays retail sales profits weekly.

If the customer orders directly from Zija, they pay at the retail rate, and Zija will give you the retail profit which is paid weekly.

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Direct Selling Dictionary /network-marketing-glossary/ /network-marketing-glossary/#respond Tue, 01 Oct 2019 12:37:44 +0000 [...]]]> A glossary of network marketing terms


This is the person who is running a network marketing business, seeking to give others the opportunity & selling the product to customers.

This term varies a lot with each company. Distributors can also be referred to as consultant, member etc…

Personal Volume

Amount of Volume of products bought by an individual or distributor. Because many direct sales companies work in multiple countries with various currencies, policies are set in terms of volume purchased instead of monetary amounts.


In Binary Compensation Plans this rfers to when a distirbutor has more than 2 in the front line. Since Binary Plans exepct only 2 in the front line, spill over refers to moving more distributors into the the frontline of memebers in one’s downline

The individual who recruits a given distributor into a network marketing company.

The sponsor is the first node of a distributor’s upline, and then that sponsor’s sponsor is the second node.


The network of sponsors that previously that sponsored a given distributor.

A given distributor has a sponsor who also had a sponsor – this chain is the upline.

Wholesale Customer

Most companies will provide benefits for routine customers of a distributor.

There are various benefits like easier orders, auto-shipped orders, or better pricing.

There are different methods for becoming a Wholesale Customer including membership fees, registering with the company or setting up autoship.

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Young Living Compensation Plan /young-living-compensation-plan/ /young-living-compensation-plan/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2019 21:55:28 +0000 [...]]]> Main Focus

Young Living’s Unilevel commission percentages define commission percentages earned at different levels of member’s business. This commission is the reason for defining levels and incentivizes leaders to continue to invest time and build up those they have sponsored.

This is a standard Unilevel Plan that ranges from 8% to 4% (inclusive) and is up to 5 levels deep depending on a member’s rank.

The first level is 8%, 2nd 5%, and all subsequent levels are 4%.

In 1 sentence you can describe ninety-percent of the this part of Young Living’s Compensation Plan, making this is one of the easier unilevel implementations that we’ve seen.

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Unilevel Compensation Plans /unilevel-compensation-plans/ /unilevel-compensation-plans/#respond Fri, 20 Sep 2019 11:04:28 +0000 [...]]]> What is a Unilevel Compensation Plan?

Unilevel Compensation Plans are fairly easy to understand because they match a lot of assumptions those new to network marketing have about compensation.

In a Unilevel Plan, distributors place new recruits on their front line and commissions are earned on a set number of levels.

A new distributor will add someone new to their front line and that newest recruit enters level 2 for the original sponsor.

There is a finite number of levels that commissions are earned on, usually about 5 to 8 at a well established company. (Countermyth, which offers an MLM CRM tool, does 5 levels of compensation, but it is focused on affiliate marketing so that it doesn’t compete with network marketing opportunities.)

The percentage per level & number of levels differs by company. Usually, companies that use a Unilevel plan will have other compensation programs.

Recommended Focus

If your organization offers a Unilevel Compensation plan, this is probably where the bulk of your compensation will come from.

We recommend focusing on building strong leaders at each level of distributor and sponsoring wide organizations.


There isn’t a lot of debate about where to place someone new to the opportunity and there is no wrangling with new recruits about where they want to be placed in your downline.

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Why? /why/ /why/#respond Wed, 17 Apr 2019 16:50:04 +0000 [...]]]> As you plan, As you work, As you have doubts, As you succeed, As you fail. Always keep in mind: Why?

Why am I doing this?
Riches? Family Success? Help Others?

What keeps you working to gain more momentum? What keeps you working when there is no momentum? – The answer is your “Why”.

I can’t choose your why for you but I do have a suggestion. If your why is you or money, you won’t work as hard.

What is your Why? Let us know what motivates you to success in you networking marketing opportunity in the comments below — thanks for helping us all find more reason to work and help others.

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Neora Compensation Plan /neora-compensation-plan/ /neora-compensation-plan/#respond Wed, 10 Apr 2019 01:04:35 +0000 [...]]]> The compensation plan at Neora™*, LLC is a unilevel plan compensating up to 8 generations. In addition to team generations, Neora has many additional compensation programs tied to specific performance metrics.

Neora emphasizes building customer relationships, providing many incentives & bonuses directed at retail and customer sales.

Neora separates it’s compensation program into the following categories: Rewards for Selling, Product Rewards, Rewards for Team Building, and Rewards for Leadership.

InFirstMarketing™ analysis of the Neora Compensation Plan in our standard categories is below:

Neora Main Compensation (Team Commissions)

The generational compensation program is called “Team Commissions.”

As you achieve higher ranks, you’ll receive commissions on more generations.

Neora’s unilevel plan, diverges from other plans we’re used to by changing the percent along a row. Look how Generation-3 changes from 2% to 3% to 4% at Brand Partner, Director and Team Director. On many plans, this number will not change; though, we have no preference with either.

This part of the plan has dynamic compression as should be expected in the direct selling industry.

Neora Sales & Retail

We applaud Neora’s focus and incentives on customers using product. Retail sales are important to the multi-level marketing industry. Customer relationships need to be nurtured and customers with long-term loyalty are what every company should seek.

Retails Sales

Neora Retail
Neora Retail

Retail sales commissions work the same as a retail store. You purchase the Neora Product at the partner price, then sell it for retail price. This can be for sales you perform in person or someone ordering from your website.

Neora Personal Sales Commissions

If customer purchases exceed various thresholds, Brand Partners and Directors receive extra commissions.

$300 – $1,499 in sales is a 5% commission, $1,500 – $2,999 is 10%, and $3000 and more receive a 15% commission.

These are on customer orders.  Your personal purchases do not contribute to these amounts.

Business Launch

The next set of business programs focus on launching your business.

Neora Fast Start Bonus

This is Neora’s compensation program designed to get you moving in your business immediately — it is only available your first month of being a brand partner.

The steps are fairly simple and definitely obtainable in your first month:

  • Volume requirements of an Elite Brand Partner
  • Achieve Elite Brand Partner Rank

The bonus paid is $150 to you and $75 to the partner who enrolled you, incentivizing leadership as well.

Neora Director Bonus

Similar to the Fast Start Bonus, the Neora Director Bonus gets you to focus on quick growth for your business.

If in the first 2 months you achieve Director, you’ll got a one-time bonus of $200. If it takes 3 months, the bonus will be $100.

Neora Preferred Customer First Order Bonus

If a newly enrolled preferred customer places an order on their enrollment order, the enrolling Brand Partner receives 20% of that initial order.

Neora 3UR Free

This is a great focus from Neora, helping you and your downline focus not so much on income but eliminating expenses.

If you have an active order and 3 Personal Customers with Active Orders that total at least 210 QV, you’ll receive your monthly order free- up to $140.

Neora Personal PC Bonus

This is really a continuation of the 3UR free program, with additional monetary rewards after you’ve earned you free product.
Have 6 Neora PCs with 55 QV and you’ll earn an extra $50 for the month. 9 PCs with the same volume will earn a $150 bonus.

Business Leadership

Programs that guide you in helping others build their businesses.

Neoera Team PC Bonus

The Personal Preferred Customer Bonus leads directly into the Team Preferred Customer Bonus. As you gain the expertise of building customer bases, you now focus on helping the Brand Partners in your downline do the same.

Neora BP first Order Bonus

Depends on a Brand Partner’s rank. For a new Brand Partner who does a 500+ QV enrollment pack, the enroller gets 20% bonus. 10% goes to their first upline enroller unless they were National Marketing Director or Higher — then it’s just a straight 30% bonus.

Neora Power of 5

The Power of 5 Bonus continues the trend of Neora’s Brand Partner First Order Bonus.

This is a 5% commission on the the price of enrollment packs over 500 QV.  Qualifying for this bonus runs over a 12 month period.

Neora Momentum Bonus

The Neora Momentum Bonus keeps Brand Partners motivated as they advance in Rank.

The Brand Partner will receive 3% more on the CV Bonus of Team Commissions.

Neora Lifestyle

Ranks form Premier Director and above are paid a monthly bonus of a set dollar amount. This is in addition to your other monthly commissions.

This amount ranges from $150 to $100,000.(These number are definitely exciting, but make sure to view Neora’s income declaration discussed more at the end of this article).


Luxury CarNeora Luxury Car Bonus

With 15,000 GQV and a rank of Elite Director or Higher, you’ll receive a monthly payment of $500 toward a Luxury Vehicle. If you reach National Marketing Director, the payment is $750.

You’re not limited to a car payment. IF cash is preferred, it will be $375 or $475 depending rank.

Neora Check Match

Partners earn commissions on the volumes of Directors in their downline. It has a similar design to Team Commissions rewarding the upline director with a percentage of the the director’s Team Commissions.

This has Dynamic Compression.

Neora Infinity Bonus

Silver National Marketing Director and above receive a percentage of the total CV of their organization.

There are a few rules, but it is summarized below.

Neora NMD Generation Bonus

Brand Partners are eligible for this once they achieve the rank of Platinum National Director. Similar to Team Bonus and Check Match, The Neora National Marketing Director Generation Bonus pays a bonus on downline CV up to 3 generations down.


The Compensation plan of Neora, LLC has a fairly routine downline commission focus.  They then add a lot of additional performance bonuses.

In the comments below let us know below what you like about Neora’s compensation plan and what you think can be approved. Also, let us know if there are any explanations that can be improved and made more understandable.

Always be Aware

Everyone will have different results with a Neora business. We hope our guide helps you understand the Neora compensation plan better, but all questions about Neora should be confirmed with Neora, LLC.

*Neora is a Trademark of Neora, LLC.  Neora, LLC is not involved with this production of this article.
InFirstMarketing is a Trademark of & Active Step Technologies.

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