Networking in the Time of COVID

Social Distancing Networking
Working and Social Distancing

Well we are almost 4 months into social distancing and wow, this is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF NETWORKING & NETWORK MARKETING.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We have a few ideas on how to make the best of this situation. Many individuals all over the world are realizing why it is important to establish a residual income.

There is actually a lot of opportunity right now.

Hope we all come out of this better and stronger – or at least more capable. Especially those in Network Marketing seeking to help others and lift all they come in contact with.

Here are our ideas and guidelines for continuing business and helping others. Please share your own ideas as well.


Habits are shortcuts to getting work done. The less friction there is mentally, the faster you’ll serve people and do what is necessary to build your business.

  • What part of Network marketing is second nature and you do without thinking about?
  • Checking in on those in your downline
  • Following up and any messages sent recently?
  • Asking for referrals that might be interested
  • Following your system to make all of these easier?

Now is a perfect time to review what you’re doing each day & decide what is helpful and what is not. Take time to take a break, but don’t make the whole day a break.

Remember the Tech

We are so blessed to have access to so many simple means of communication.

Do you text?

Text messages are personal. Text messages are relevant. Text messages are direct.

Frequent check ins via text do not take much time and have a huge impact showing the interest and care you have for prospects and distributors.

You could send the following once a week, show those you want to help that you care, and never be considered anything but a genuine servant.

  • Wanted to check in — how are things going?
  • How are you this week? Need anything?
  • Still handling everything okay?
  • What are your plans this week?

Even if everyone on the planet copied these word for word, they would still be genuine as long as they participated in the conversation afterward. So don’t be afraid to take these, maybe tweak a little, and begin communicating.

Messenger on Facebook

Faceboook Messenger makes it almost too easy. Similar questions as above, only a different medium.

Again the key is to have a legitimate conversation. What do your distributors need?

What are potential distributors worried about? This is a great opportunity to talk about their worries and fears and just hear them.

Automation Technology

Since the real value is in the conversation, you can automate the initial communication out reach.

This is where technology really shines in building a business. You take care of the relationship, but let technology test who is receptive to communications.

If you’re interested in marketing automation for Network Marketers, let us know. Also, please have a look at Countermyth, the software that provides appropriate automation for your MLM Business.

Genuine Caring

I debated putting this in here. Genuine Caring is innate to the type of entrepreneur that InFirstMarketing works with.

However, I can’t stress this principle has never been more important than now.

Those you’re leading will hear and feel your caring as you converse with and listen to them. Make time for these people. Help them grow their skills and their business,

Primarily, make sure they know you’re there for them no matter what.

How can your product help? It’s good to highlight and remind, without being opportunistic.

Whether you’re helping to relieve stress, gain health, or completely other benefits, it’s good for them to have frequent exposure to what you are providing.

Also, provide some ideas on using the products in new ways. The internet is full of ideas for new foods, drinks, and even new haircuts. What is an interesting use of your products?

Remember Ethics

However it is important to remember that there aren’t cures to COVID-19 yet and you need to avoid making any claims that could be confused as a cure.

The FTC is looking at businesses that claim to be a cure — it makes sense they have to watch this closely because a cure does not exist.

Some products may clean and help with sterilizing environments, but that is far from a cure. Don’t overstate what your product is capable of doing in COVID-19.

Invalid claims like that would not be a good foundation to build a long term business on anyway.


Keep up to date on the news, but don’t worry too much — it’s amazing how fast the Coranavirus situation is changing.

I personally am keeping my eye on news about a vaccine. My guess is end of the year or early next year. There is a lot of effort being put into distribution once it exists, but there is still a lot of testing before something can be considered viable.

Stay strong and if you want to talk — DM InFirstMarketing on Twitter and we’ll chat back. And if you want a long conversation, send your number as well and we will give you a call.