Zija Compensation Plan

October 11, 2019 InFirstAdmin 0

MAIN Focus The main compensation plan to focus on for Zija is the Team Commissions–which calls it the backbone of Zija’s compensation plan. Zija’s Team […]

Young Living Compensation

Young Living Compensation Plan

September 24, 2019 InFirstAdmin 0

Main Focus Young Living’s Unilevel commission percentages define commission percentages earned at different levels of member’s business. This commission is the reason for defining levels […]

Live in Action


April 17, 2019 InFirstAdmin 0

As you plan, As you work, As you have doubts, As you succeed, As you fail. Always keep in mind: Why? Why am I doing […]

Neora Analysis

Neora Compensation Plan

April 10, 2019 InFirstAdmin 0

The compensation plan at Neoraâ„¢*, LLC is a unilevel plan compensating up to 8 generations. In addition to team generations, Neora has many additional compensation […]